Start a Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Before you begin fundraising, define a specific financial goal you hope to reach. Consider the acronym SMART— an effective goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. You’ll have an overall fundraising goal for the year, but it’s also helpful to create smaller goals for how much you plan to raise from each event or campaign. Karaoke nights are entertaining, often hilarious events that college students love. This is an inclusive activity as well because anyone who’s been to a karaoke night knows that you don’t have to be a talented singer to put on a good show.
GoFundMe is here to provide you with the best crowdfunding platform and unique fundraising ideas for schools to help and support you along the way. Say yes to crowdfunding for your school and launch your school fundraiser today. GoFundMe’s social sharing tools make it easy for schools to spread the word via social media with the click of a button. Schools can quickly and easily raise the money they need for programs and projects—and students participate in service learning. Schools can begin withdrawing funds as soon as the fundraiser starts receiving donations.
For a fun kids fundraiser, consider throwing an improv night at your school. Students, staff, and family members can try their hand at comedy, while earning money—and a few good laughs—for a cause. Here are some more fundraising ideas to raise money for your students. Charity golf events are a favorite way for non-profits to raise money. If it’s successful, you can make it an annual golf charity tournament fundraising event. This way you can raise money every year with popular golf events your fans will be glad to support.
Cupcake Wars was a TV show on the Food Network that ran for 11 seasons. For a kid-friendly fundraising idea, you can recreate the series as a show-stopping fundraising event. Have kids prepare their favorite cupcake recipe, then sell the treats in a cupcake-only bake sale. For a fun dose of competition, have supporters vote on their favorite treats, offering prizes for best taste, most innovative recipe, or best decorated at your cupcake cook-off. There’s a reason why we have more than 18,000 partners who do a shoe drive fundraisers with us.
Smencils make the perfect money maker, with groups earning up to 45% profit. They’re fun to sell, environmentally conscious, and kid-friendly. You could partner with a local floral shop to sell flowers, or contact a flower farm directly. Sell bouquets or individual flowers in advance, and arrange a pick-up on Valentines Day! Or, if organizations that donate to nonprofits is holding a Valentine’s Day dance, you could sell carnations or corsages to students the day of.
We’ve even included some virtual fundraising ideas that you can do while social distancing. Don’t miss our favorite community service ideas for kids, teens, and adults. Children love school fundraising ideas like this because they can also win a free gift with the prize incentive program. Most organizations may want to start their Christmas fundraiser shortly before Christmas, believing they will achieve better results. After all, everyone likes to purchase Christmas gifts, Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas décor, etc.  However, this is not always the best time.
But choosing a unique, easy and achievable way to raise funds can be challenging. For most product fundraisers, you’ll collect pre-orders ahead of time. Then, you’ll submit your orders to a fundraising partner to create and distribute your items.